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Open Engagement: A Trend Set By The New Generation Lovers

Nowadays a man does not need to necessarily do a classic engagement proposal like getting down on his knees and proposing to the girl he loves. Couples of today are starting to turn to different methods when it comes to getting engaged, and these methods is as solid as the traditional proposal is. The open engagement is one of the most popular trends of giving someone you love an engagement ring and ask her to go down the aisle with you. This is an engagement where the girl already knows and agrees on getting engaged with her man before they are going to announce it publicly. This is the usual trend that takes place on long term relationships where gender roles is not an issue anymore and all that matters is the love that they feel for each other. The only real question here is how will you plan and execute an open engagement with your partner?

Choose A Suitable Day
One of the perks of open engagement is the freedom that both parties have when it comes to the engagement details. The date is one of the most important details of any engagement ceremony. This does not only consist of the date and the time itself but also the experience and setting of the engagement. Just because an open engagement is not as surprising as the traditional surprise proposal doesn’t mean that you cant get a decent engagement party. By collaborating your ideas with your loved one, you will be able to come up with several different ways in making this moment memorable. So as to add more romance and meaning to this event, make sure that the date of the engagement is set to a significantly romantic and meaningful day. And above else, make sure that the chosen date is set to a day you both agreed on.

Choosing the engagement rings
Another added benefit that an open engagement provides is that both couples are able to choose their ideal engagement ring for the proposal. This means that the girl does not have to wait longer just to have an engagement ring. Alternatively, you could opt to hide the kind of engagement ring you have bought for one another until the day of the event to make it more surprising. You could each buy engagement rings differently and then make it a surprise on the engagement day to add more excitement. You also have the option to shop for an engagement ring together so that both of you will be genuinely happy with the rings. What’s important is that you will be able to get an engagement ring that will truly symbolize your undying love and endearment for each other.

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